Edvin’s path, Aleksis Kiventie 59 (by order only)

There is a lot of Outsider Art on show along the fitness-path in Asevelikylä. The
path is named after artist Edvin Hevonkoski, Vaasa born and bred. He was inspired by
Finnish politics and literature. Besides art, you’ll find a trench, a military shelter
and a smoke-sauna in the area. The park has twice been rewarded as the best Outsider
art park in Finland.



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On the tour you will hear about heroic pilots, periods of oppression, smugglers, Russian military expeditions, jaegers, interesting villagers, and of course: the land uplift. At the end of the walk, we visit the leaning Church of Raippaluoto.
Kappelinmäki graveyard dates back to 1782. It is one of Finland´s oldest graveyards still in active use. Much of Vaasa´s ancient history lies buried in its soil.
Vaasa’s first suburban district has a special place in the city history. The land uplift brought the harbour here in the 1780s. Authors, boatbuilders, artists and factory workers have shaped the history of the island. The university campus is said to be the most beautiful...
Koe Savilahti-talon ja Vähänkyrön kirkon ympäristön kohteet opastetulla kävelykierroksella. Käymme Pläkkyri-museo Fyrryssä, Savilahti-talossa olevassa koulumuseossa ja ’uukangin’ kautta kävelemme kirkkoon. Kierroksen päätteeksi voit juoda omakustanteiset kahvit Cafe Kanttorilassa.